Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a list of Faq's

What is is a web based software system built to manage parking related tasks online.

Here is how it works:
(1) Management Companies, building owners or managers can add the residential or commerical properties they manage to

(2) Next they can add all their registrants, occupants, tenants and other authorized representatives from each building to the system.

(3) From here, each added user can manage their vehicles and parking permits for their own vehicles.

(4) Different levels of access are granted depending on the user. Each building can have managers, vendors and end users, each with varying permissions.

For example Building Managers can add registrants/occupant, where as a sub users like a security guard have read only access to search for a registrant/owner by plate, permit id, name, or unit number.

And then there are the end users, (the registrants/occupant) who can login and manage their vehicles, appeal a violation, pay for a violation or check on the latest building news and whats happening.

We also have many other features such as email blast tools, or areas occupants can stay informed.


What Kind of computer do I need?
We are web based, so any device with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari will work fine. We even have iPhone and Android support.

How much is the service?
Basic service is free for the first 25 units then as low as $75 / month (see pricing here)

What kind of buildings does this work for?
Our software works great for Apartments, Condominiums/Townhouses, Housing Tracks with HOA, Business Parks, and almost any kind of organization where a management, or some organization acts to manage a building.

How does registering a vehicle work?
One of the powerful tools we have is the ability to manage all vehicles in a building.
An authorized user such as a management company, apartment manager, or board member can add the vehicles for their building's tenants, approve what is allowed, and set limits for how many vehicles a unit can have active.

The registrants/occupant can also themselves login and manage their own vehicles.
For example, Bob from unit 101 can login and then see his active vehicles.

He can then make one vehicle inactive that he no longer owns and instead add his new recently purchased car. This request would then notify the assigned management personnel, and they can approve or deny the request.


Our building Units and Parking Spaces are not as common as unit #1, #2 #3 etc. will your software work for us?
Yes. You can list building units and parking the same way yours listed or based on a specific preference. Whether its unit101-building3 or Unit#3, our system supports nearly every listing method.

How do parking spaces work when we have some units with open parking on a first come first service basis and others assigned?
Not a problem, our system allows you to assign users to specific parking spaces.
Or you can create a pool or spaces and assign multiple users to this pool.

How do Violations work and are they compatible with our own Violation forms?
Yes, violations are a big part of our system.
You can use your own form, and duplicate a few of the fields of data to our online system so it can be stored. You can use your own Violation Number, or have one automatically made for you.
You can create both Vehicle, and Property Violations, and customize the fines for each
You can even choose to issue warnings instead of fines.
Registrants and Occupants can review their violation online, appeal online, and pay online (see below).

Can our tenants (users, the registrants/occupant) pay fees online?
Violations or other charges can be paid online by credit cards.
The process is very easy and we provide full accounting reports of all items owed and paid.

Does your software support consent forms or other signed documents?
Yes, many buildings have users sign forms, or agreements. All these forms can be scanned and uploaded to a users profile, making it easily accessible securely over the internet via
So in a few seconds you can search for a registrant, tenant or occupant, find their contact information and all signed forms.

What other features can you tell me about besides parking? keeps your occupants/tenants connected to what's happening.
They now become directly connected in real time to what's happening.
We're not just about managing their vehicles and permits.

For example, a property manager or guard can post: 'Miscellaneous Notes' with pictures describing a recent event. Imagine a virtually post it board where you can post flyers, news, security issues and more.

Also, are you tired of faxing forms to users? Our easy to use systems allows you to upload, store, send and manage all your necessary forms. With you can list all vendors too, such as: building maintenance man, security, plumber etc.

Is secure?
Yes we run both firewalls locally and over the web. We maintain intrustion deteciton in real time, we employ heavy encryption under ssl and AES256.
We also have backups inplace as well as a disaster recover plan.
Your data, security and reliability is our #1 concern.