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September 2019 - Tigereye™ Released releases a new modules called Tigereye™
Tigereye™ allows a user to use License plate recogniton in real time from a WebParkingSoftware iPhone or Adroid app in real time to  check vehicles, log them and issue violations .
This module will save a guard or other parking attendant about 95% of the time compared to manual processing methods. ( Contact us for a free demo)

April 2019 - Vehicle Tracker™ Released releases a new modules called Vehicle tracker™
Vehicle tracker™ allows a user to track in real time vehicles, log them and then be alerted to violations as they occur up to the minute. This module will save a guard or other parking attendant about countless hours of the time compared to manual processing methods.  ( Contact us for a free demo)

February 2019 - Messaging Module Released releases SMS / email modules allowing efficient communication to registrant/occupants in real time. E.g. need to notify the building users of power washing of a a driveway? Send them a sms, or email them. Text messages and emails are the modern way to communcate, cheaper and faster to send and the communication preference of most users. Compose the message, select the group, press send & instantly they are notified.


November 2018 - Improved Violation Management Released releaes an improved Violations management system that electronically deails pictures for parking and other rules/ infractions such asr property violations. Users are notified via email where they can easily login to review the violation, file an appeal or pay it online. This module is a more efficent and effective to both the adminstrative and end user. It provides a  friendlier process to manage a delicate situation.

October 2019 - WPS Preregistration™ Released releases WPS Preregistration™ an onboarding module hailed by building managers as the best time saver function in tenant management. The old fashion way of onboarding new tenants into a building was for the already overworked building manager to manually add them. They retype and or copy & paste data from old paper forms, emails or online applications. This becomes a mundane and repetitive task. Once this is done the building manager then needs to assign parking permits, guest permits, vehicles, etc. After this the manger then needs to do the same for other occupants such as roommates. This process repeats for all new tenants and can be overly frustrating and eat all their free time.

WPS Preregistration™ automates this process into seconds. Our method provides a tenant a custom code/link, they input their own data securely online, pay for a parking permit in real time and agree to building terms and consents. From here the building manager logins, reviews pending registrations and then approves it.

The WPS Preregistration™ has proven to reduces onboarding into seconds with accurate data.